Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the fuel of the future and will play a major role in the decarbonization process. Major project investments are now focusing on green hydrogen production and use.

The Fuel of the Future

Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen will be a fundamental actor in the energy transition. Soon, it will play a central role not only in the mobility area but also in industry and housing. For the Paris Agreement climate action targets to achieve, green hydrogen will have to supply energy for automobiles and many other means of transportation, such as trains, airplanes, and ships.
With solid experience in fueling supply solutions, Hellonext also provides strong design skills and delivery capabilities across the hydrogen chain by working with quality partnerships in the renewable and hydrogen production fields. The International Energy Agency already claimed that green hydrogen is the energy of the future.

What are you waiting for to seize this opportunity?

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Refuelling Solutions

Hydrogen-powered vehicles have many advantages: they can be charged in between 2 and 6 minutes, do not emit polluting gases, and have high autonomy – it is possible to cover up to 660 kilometres without the need for additional charging.
Still, for hydrogen vehicles to become a reality, it is necessary to invest in supply centres, storage and isolation of hydrogen. That is where Hellonext mission begins: our hydrogen solutions contemplate supply and storage, with or without local hydrogen production.

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Hydrogen Services

Introducing Green Hydrogen in your business is a challenging process, but Hellonext will provide you with guidance along the way.
From planning to the development of infrastructures, passing through commissioning hydrogen stations, customer support and maintenance services, we will be a close partner that provides answers regardless of the stage of the process you’re in.

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Let us guide you towards a greener future.

We offer equipment, integrated solutions, and services for electromobility and hydrogen refuelling. Get in touch today to share your challenges.

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From larger to smaller projects, our experienced team will provide all the guidance for your project success.

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