Terms and Conditions



The Hellonext E-Commerce platform sells EV chargers for general consumers or B2B. The sale is only performed in the countries defined in the Shipping Table, available online and according to the trade conditions expressed in these Terms & Conditions, as well as in the details of the purchase order.


The client will be able to select the model to purchase directly at the website www.hellonext.world. Advancing with the online purchase process it will be necessary to fill a registration form with the required information to proceed with the commercial transaction. The customer will need to provide all the correct information for the order to be processed. If the customer required a technical installation the order will be pending until validation. The registration at Hellonext web store is free.

2.1 Hellonext reserves the right to block access to the platform for any registered user, at any time, without prior notice.


All prices displayed in our online store are subject to VAT at the legal rate in force.


⦁ a) Credit Card
In all operations involving the transmission of personal or bank details, we use a secure means of communication.
We use the standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security technology. All the information you send us remains encrypted as it travels through the network.
Similarly, your credit card details will not be registered in any database, going directly to the bank.
Credit card fraud is a felony, and Hellonext will file a lawsuit against the fraudulent use of its online store.


During the purchase process, the customer must indicate or confirm the delivery address of the order. Errors in the specification of the address that result in failure to deliver the order will be the sole responsibility of the customer, as well as any additional shipping costs.
In the case of addresses within the EU, we will ensure door-to-door delivery. In all other situations, the order is delivered via CPT in the country of destination, where the customer will be responsible for customs clearance and for paying any associated fees.
The customer can always choose to pick up the order at our facilities (Ex Works).
Deliveries outside the European Union are subject to a flat fee of €50 to cover customs clearance costs.
Delivery times vary from country to country, and can be viewed in the Shipping Table available on our platform.
If an item is unavailable, the customer will be contacted immediately and given the option to accept a longer delivery time or cancel the order. In any case, a delay in the delivery of the goods does not give the customer the right to claim any kind of compensation or reparation.


All the chargers have a 2-year warranty, counting from the date of delivery. Any items that break down during the warranty period will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the customer.
Repairing or replacing a repaired item (or any part thereof) does not extend its original Warranty Period.
We bear the costs of shipping the repaired component, but not the costs related to the return of the defective component under the warranty.
Hellonext shall not be liable for customer sales losses, or for other damage resulting from the breakdown of the component.
Damage caused by the carrier must be reported immediately to the company in question, as well as any request for compensation.


⦁ a) Damage caused by irregular or improper use, negligence or accident;
⦁ c) Damage due to the natural wear and tear of the equipment;
⦁ d) Items whose interior has been tampered with (disassembled, separated or modified without authorization);
⦁ e) Incorrect installation of the charger;
⦁ f) Damage caused by reasons of force majeure.


1.1 It is the responsibility of the Customer to return the product in a perfect state of repair and good packaging conditions, without having been applied or used, in the original packaging with all the included accessories, accompanied by the original invoice.
1.2. The return of the product, the cost of such return, as well as the responsibility for the transportation shall be borne by the customer.
1.3 It is the responsibility of the Customer to send the product to our premises, using the following mailing address: Hellonext, Parque Industrial de Guimarães, Pav. L4 S. João de Ponte, 4805-661 Guimarães, Portugal.
1.4 The customer should use a means of transport that includes insurance of the merchandise as protection against possible damage or loss. Products with markings, transport damage or other damage are not accepted.
1.5 Returns that do not comply with the aforementioned conditions are not accepted.
1.6. Upon receipt of the product in the aforementioned conditions, payment will be refunded by bank transfer to the BIN indicated by the Customer via email
1.8. The return does not imply refund of any shipping costs incurred by the Customer.
0. During the technical examination conducted as part of the Repair Service, it may be found that the charger received cannot be repaired. Our services will immediately notify the customer of this, and the customer may choose to request that the part is returned (shipping costs shall be borne by the customer) by writing an email to info@hellonext.world, and include the repair request number and the desired shipping method: Ex Works or Shipping Company.
When choosing the Shipping Company option, the customer must also clarify whether they will take care of the shipment or if they prefer to leave it up to Hellonext.


2.1 The customer should keep the product to restore it in proper conditions of use.
2.2 The customer will be held responsible for the depreciation of the product, if the handling carried out to inspect the nature, characteristics and operation of that product exceeds the handling that is usually accepted.
2.3 It is the responsibility of the customer to be technically qualified to install or use the items purchased in our online store.
2.4 If the customer is not qualified to install the purchased products, he can opt by “Technical Verification” that includes the support of a Hellonext technician. When you select this option, your order will be pending until you get our technician feedback about the installation requirements. After that we can agree to include the installation service at a negotiated rate.
2.5 We do not accept any liability for any theft, loss or destruction of the products after delivery.
The terms and conditions under which any products listed on the hellonext.world website are provided are set out below. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing any products/services on our website. By placing an order, you agree with our terms and conditions.
We advise you to make a copy of these terms and conditions for future reference.
During the Check-Out process, you must select the square on the left of the phrase “I have read and accept the terms and conditions” in order for the request to be accepted. Otherwise, you are not agreeing with our terms and conditions, and it is not possible to finalize the purchase.


The company that owns the Hellonext website is Hellonext, S.A, with headquarters at Parque Industrial de Guimarães, Pav. L4 S. João de Ponte, 4805-661 Guimarães, Portugal, and VAT number 514 311 673.


By placing an order through our platform, you give us the guarantee that you are legally capable of entering into binding agreements.


We only ship orders to the countries listed in the Shipping Table.


4.1. When placing an order, you are accepting Hellonext terms and conditions. You will then receive a confirmation email from Hellonext with your order details.


5.1. We may provide hyperlinks to websites of other companies, whether affiliated or not, on our website.


6.1. The products will become your responsibility from the moment they are delivered, in accordance with the delivery method chosen at the time of the transaction.
The ownership of the products will only be passed on to you once all the amounts due, including delivery charges, are fully paid.


7.1 Upon approval of the user registration, all the prices of the products/services and delivery charges will be indicated on our website. If you find a product or service without a price, please contact us at the email address info@hellonext.world, because it is surely a system error.
Product prices and delivery costs are subject to change at any time, but these changes do not affect any orders that we had previously confirmed. If an error occur with the system and your order values are not correct, Hellonect has the right to cancel your order, contacting you immediately with the reason for the cancelation.
7.2 All payments shall be made by credit card. We accept Visa and Master Card payments. Initially, there will be a reservation on your credit card, in the form of a payment authorization. The amount of the order will only be charged when the order is shipped.


We guarantee that any product purchased through our online store complies, at the time of delivery, with the technical specifications of the manufacturer. Our products/services have a 2-year warranty against malfunctions, provided that the purchasers are the end users.


9.1 Portuguese Law requires some of the information or communications we send you to be made in writing, or using any other durable medium that is available and easily accessible to you. By using our website, you are agreeing that the communication made via the online store is mainly electronic. We will contact you via email or through notices on our website. For contractual purposes, it is assumed that you agree with these electronic means of communication and acknowledge that all agreements, notices, information and other communications that we provide to you electronically comply with any legal requirement that such communications be made in writing. This condition does not affect your legal rights.


All communications should be sent to Hellonext via the e-mail address info@hellonext.world. An email will be deemed as having been received when it enters our email inbox. Our reply is deemed as effective when sent to the customer’s email address.


11.1 The agreement is binding on both parties to their successors and agents.
11.2 You may not transfer or assign an Agreement, or any of your rights or obligations thereunder, without our prior written consent.
11.3. We may transfer, assign, charge, subcontract or otherwise dispose of an Agreement, or of any of our rights or obligations thereunder, at any time during its term.


12.1 We shall not be responsible or held accountable for any failure to perform or for delay in the performance of any of our contractual obligations when the cause for that failure or delay is beyond our reasonable control (force majeure, natural or fortuitous causes).
12.2. A cause of force majeure comprises any act, event, or accident beyond our reasonable control and includes, in particular (but is not limited to), the following:
(a) Strikes or demonstrations;
(b) civil unrest, rebellion, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat of or preparation for war;
(c) fire, explosion, storm, disaster, flood, earthquake, sinking, epidemic or other natural hazards;
(d) the impossibility of using railroads, motorized forms of transportation, aircraft or other means of public or private transportation;
(e) impossibility of using public or private telecommunications networks, and
(f) acts, decrees, laws, regulations or restrictions issued by any government.
12.3 Our performance under any agreement is considered suspended during the period in which these causes are felt, and we shall extend the performance deadline for the duration of that period. We shall make all reasonable efforts to overcome these causes or to find a solution to meet our obligations under the Agreement.


13.1. If any of these terms and conditions or any provision of the agreement is deemed by a competent authority to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable in any way, such term, condition or provision shall, to that extent, be separate from the other terms, conditions and provisions, which shall continue to be valid to the maximum extent permitted by law.


14.1. These terms and conditions and any other document expressly referred to constitute the entire agreement and supersede all prior information, correspondence, negotiations, understanding or agreement on the object of any agreement.
14.2. Both parties acknowledge that, by entering into this agreement, neither party is dependent upon any representation or warranty (even if unintentionally or negligently) which is not set forth in these terms and conditions or in the documents referred to therein.


15.1. We have the right to periodically review and amend the terms and conditions to reflect changes in market conditions that affect our business, changes in technology, changes in payment methods, changes due to relevant laws and regulatory requirements, and changes in our system’s capabilities.


16.1 Any and all matters, disputes or lawsuits related to or arising from the agreement shall be definitively regulated and decided upon, in accordance with Portuguese law, excluding the respective conflict rules and, exclusively, by the Portuguese Courts, being hereby expressly stipulated the jurisdiction of the District Court of Lisbon, with express waiver of any other.