EV Chargers

Hellonext provides a wide range of solutions fitting both residential and business needs.

AC Chargers

Efficient AC Chargers for multiple applications

With a great user experience and the maximum charging quality and security, Hellonext AC chargers are the perfect fit for home or commercial charging.
With power options ranging from 7kW to 44kW, they are compact, lightweight and extremely easy to install.

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DC Chargers

Smart and fast DC Chargers for greater efficiency

Hellonext DC chargers are suitable for any environment, ensuring the maximum charge in less time.
With power options ranging from 30kW to 180kW, they ensure great features such as smart charging and load balancing, while enabling simultaneous charging outputs for maximum efficiency.

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Let us guide you towards a greener future.

We offer equipment, integrated solutions, and services for electromobility and hydrogen refuelling. Get in touch today to share your challenges.

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From larger to smaller projects, our experienced team will provide all the guidance for your project success.

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