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Hellonext is licensed for the installation, management and maintenance of all types of electric chargers.


We provide a complete set of services that include turnkey solutions, maintenance and support and a Network Operations Center ready to help you and your customers’ 24/7h.
Hellonext is licensed for the installation, management and maintenance of all types of electric chargers.

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Focus on your business - we keep the technology running

Infrastructure Monitoring

  • We approach Infrastructure management as a service. This means we manage your charging stations and keep track of their status 24/7. 
  • For everything to run smoothly, checking for updates in your stations is essential. Our remote technical team takes efficient and quick care of firmware updates
  • We diagnose your charging stations to prevent and correct errors as soon as possible.
  • All of this gives you:
  • Savings in specialized staff, training, additional workstations or equipment
  • Stable and secure charging networks
  • Happy customers
  • Time to focus on your tasks

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Efficient, 24/7 Customer Service

Call center & Helpdesk

Without reliable customer service it is difficult to keep your customers happy. Our call center takes care of the job – we give your clients’ remote support 24/7 in 3 different levels:

  1. Identify your customer issues at the charging station
  2. We respond to your customer needs by solving the issue remotely
  3. If it is not possible to remotely address the issues, we will send a qualified technician to the specific charging station location
Hellonext also provides reporting on your customers’ calls and messages.

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Installing and maintenance made easy

Engineering and Services

Think installing your new charger will be difficult? Think again.
With our clear manuals’ guidance a local fitter can install our chargers in a convenient and easy manner. Still, if anything comes up, Hellonext’s team of experts is ready to answer any questions you may have during the process. 
The commissioning of chargers should be done by an Hellonext engineer. 
Prevention is key
We recommend you service the charger once a year – by betting on preventive maintenance, you can prolong your charger’s life-cycle and reduce future costs. 
This annual preventive check-up can be done by one of our certified technicians, who checks if everything is functioning accordingly. We also provide reporting on our preventive maintenance services. 

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Provide Value To Our ClientsThrough Ongoing Product & Innovation..

We offer products, solutions, and services across the entire energy value chain. We support our customers on their way to a more sustainable future.

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As a world wide distributor of solar supplies we endeavor provide fast and knowledgeable service, we can get all the materials you need by sea or air.

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