The Influence of Environmental Conditions in Arctic Regions.

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Hellonext strengthens partnership with Prio / DISA in the Iberian Peninsula.

Hellonext is collaborating with Prio / DISA to expand the Spanish group’s network of fast and ultra-fast electric chargers in Portugal and Spain.

Hellonext chargers from the DC range already equip several Prio stations in Portugal and Spain, including the islands. The two companies are reinforcing this strategic commitment to electric mobility as a transition to more sustainable forms of mobility.

The partnership between the Hellonext and Prio / DISA brands will gain even more strength from the second half of this year, when a new production unit for Hellonext chargers is due to open on the Iberian Peninsula.

“We are proud to strengthen our partnership with Prio because it lends credibility to our brand and challenges us to do more and better,” said Manuel Sande e Castro, Hellonext’s Sales Director.

Carlos Ferraz, Director of E-Mobility at Prio, highlighted the solutions provided by Hellonext for the group’s charger network expansion program. “Despite the exponential evolution of recent years, and the work that Prio has been doing since 2010, electric mobility continues to face major challenges, which can only be overcome through strong partnerships such as the one we have found with Hellonext,” said Carlos Ferraz.

This marks another milestone in Hellonext’s international presence in electric mobility.


Ricardo Guerreiro Esteves