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We are a leading supplier of EV charging and hydrogen solutions for the B2B and B2C segments

Our state-of-the art solutions are matched up only by the unparalleled technical expertise of our team.


Hellonext will guide you through the decarbonization challenge.

We know how complex the path to decarbonization can be and we believe that the infrastructure and technological complexities cannot impede the realization of our customers’ vision. To this end, we have become a specialized partner, sustained by extensive experience in mobility technologies and supported by innovative, value-adding partnerships.



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Filing Solar Power Permits in 2020? Consider Following Important Factors

The global energy paradigm is changing. We are moving from fossil fuels to green energy. EU governments are imposing strict guidelines to private and public organizations to move into decarbonization. Despite multiple organizations having declared the intention to become carbon neutral by 2050, this is a complex subject full of..

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EV Charger for Home Charging

Filing Solar Power Permits in 2020? Consider Following Important Factors

If you intend to install your own EV charger at home, there are a couple of things you need to consider before selecting the best option. Residential charging is a convenient and affordable way to ensure you always keep your vehicle charged. 80% of EV owners charge their vehicle at..

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Largest EV Charging Hub in Portugal, powered by Hellonext

Filing Solar Power Permits in 2020? Consider Following Important Factors

Hellonext has recently provided ultra-fast 180kW DC EV chargers for the Lisbon Airport facilities, in a partnership between Galp and ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal. Hellonext team has been enrolled in the installation and commissioning of the project, delivering efficient and flexible EV chargers that will fit the most demanding..

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Let us guide you towards a greener future.

We offer equipment, integrated solutions, and services for electromobility and hydrogen refuelling. Get in touch today to share your challenges.

From larger to smaller projects, our experienced team will provide all the guidance for your project success.

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