The Influence of Environmental Conditions in Arctic Regions.

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Largest EV Charging Hub in Portugal, powered by Hellonext

Hellonext has recently provided ultra-fast 180kW DC EV chargers for the Lisbon Airport facilities, in a partnership between Galp and ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal.

Hellonext team has been enrolled in the installation and commissioning of the project, delivering efficient and flexible EV chargers that will fit the most demanding needs of a busy location while ensuring a great user experience.

The H2 180 model is a fast and secure charger, ready to operate in the most challenging environments while ensuring maximum efficiency. With innovative capabilities, each H2 180 charger enable 2 simultaneous DC charging plugs and includes a 7-inch LCD screen with a user-friendly interface. The 180kW power ranging will charge 20% to 80% of the vehicle battery in around 15 minutes.

This new Hub at the Lisbon Airport is now considered the largest one in Portugal, counting 10 charging points for simultaneous charging of 10 vehicles.

Hellonext is currently expanding its charging network and will soon be available in more locations across Portugal, Spain, and the UK.