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EV Charger for Home Charging

If you intend to install your own EV charger at home, there are a couple of things you need to consider before selecting the best option.

Residential charging is a convenient and affordable way to ensure you always keep your vehicle charged. 80% of EV owners charge their vehicle at home either using their typical level 1 charging or improving the electric facilities to own a level 2 charging equipment, getting faster charger times.

If you think about owning an EV Car but have no idea where to start, just keep in mind that installing your EV charger does not have to be a daunting task.
You can charge your EV with the same electric outlet you already have at your garage or parking space. This type of charging is called level 1 charging and the charging station is normally supplied with the car. Despite being the easier way for you to charge your EV car at home it is not the most suitable. Level 1 charging is extremely slow to charge as it uses only a 120V plug. If you own more than one electric car, you will only be able to charge one vehicle per time.

The typical electric outlet will be suitable for an emergency or if you have plenty of time to charge your vehicle. If you intend to use it daily and you need faster-charging speed you will need to install a level 2 charging station.

Installing a level 2 charging station will require additional resources like a certified technician and an EV charger that can ensure the right level of performance and security. With a level 2 charging station, you will increase your charging speed. The difference from a typical outlet can be from 24 hours to 4/5 hours to achieve 80% of the capacity. You can select the charger according to your real needs (1 or more plugs, integration with app to check your charging rates, card reader to keep track of the usage in case you install it in a condominium, wi-fi access). There is a complete range of solutions that can adapt to your requirements.

With Hellonext AC chargers you will be able to find a suitable solution for your level 2 charging station. With capacities that range from 7kW to 44kW, Hellonext AC chargers are available for wall mount or pedestal, exterior or interior. You will also get the support of certified technicians that will guide you to the complete process turning this into a simple and straightforward process.