The Influence of Environmental Conditions in Arctic Regions.

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Hellonext and SBFC partner to provide 100% renewable electric charging solutions based on solar energy.

Focused on developing and distributing green and smart mobility solutions, Hellonext presents a complete portfolio of electric chargers (AC and DC), including the required services, from project planning and consulting to installation, maintenance, and technical support of all the EV charging infrastructure.

With a wide range of chargers, it provides all the tools required to build a smart, sustainable, and accessible ecosystem.

Hellonext also ensures the software solutions to centrally manage the EV charging stations, enabling advanced features such as user and fleet management, detailed analytic reports, integration of payment systems and roaming,

“The partnership with SBFC consolidates Hellonext’s strategy, to provide solutions for both public and private customers, allowing the progressive reduction of CO2 emissions and moving towards a carbon neutrality future.”, says Hugo Rigor, Executive Director of Hellonext. “We are focused on changing the energetic paradigm, providing sustainable solutions for both ​​electric charging and green hydrogen. The partnership with SBFC will allow us to present innovative solutions that combine ultra-efficient local energy generation with charging power control while being promptly scalable. SBFC’s experience will be an excellent complement to Hellonext know-how.

Being part of the Petrotec Group grants Hellonext 40 years of experience in the development of innovative solutions for the mobility and energy sectors. With a direct presence in the UK, France, Romania, and Spain, and a vast network of distributors and partners worldwide, Hellonext ensures international resources and the expertise to support its customers.

SBFC Solutions benefits from the experience and knowledge of the German company SBFC Hi Tech in the energy sector, to which it adds creativity and high-quality standards in the development of the best solutions to benefit from solar energy.  The company focus on the development of solutions for the construction and architecture sector, but also for the residential supply and electric mobility.

SBFC surprised the market with a 100% renewable solution that guarantees electric charging based exclusively on solar energy, ensuring that the average mobility in the EU can be ensured without high energy costs.

SBFC has been focused on creating innovative energy solutions with the aim of having a positive impact on people’s lives”, highlights Bruno Duarte Moreira, Executive Director of SBFC. “With our solar and energy storage solutions we contribute to a sustainable future, ensuring high standards of quality, as well as environmental and social responsibility”.

It is within these goals that the partnership with Hellonext has been established. “It is a perfect fit for our electric mobility strategy, anticipating the technical difficulties of the existing energy infrastructure. Partnering with a world leader in electric charging technology, we will meet the current needs while anticipating the emerging demands resulting from the exponential increase in electric vehicles”.